Bidaya Kit for Quranic Skills

Bidaya Kit is a progressive course that focuses on developing the teachers’ educational, evaluative and leadership plans for Quran Reading and Recitation. It provides the necessary skills the teacher needs to develop their abilities and manage their Quran sessions/classes at all levels.

• Quranic Words Reading Skills (Bidaya Book).
• Steps of Direct Reading from the Quran Book (Mushaf).
• Memorization and Revision Skills for all levels.
• Quran Classes/Circles Management Skills.

• Develop teachers’ performance through introducing them to the necessary Quranic skills for all levels.
• Train teachers on how to manage the Quran sessions/classes.
• Improve teachers’ evaluative and placement abilities for all levels.

Target Group:
• Quran teachers and supervisors at all levels.
• Educational and pedagogical specialists in academic institutions.
• Prospective Young men and women who are trained to lead Quran classes/sessions.

• Time Frame: 8 hours

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